This project tries to explore the psychological effect of the war on those like me who never suffered. 
Inspired by my own traumatic experiences, my fear, nightmares, and the painting “Three studies for figures at the base of a crucifixion” by Francis Bacon, I have reinterpreted my own photos using processes of manipulation and destruction, to obtain a transformation. This transformation is what I feel the war does to us. 
I used broken printers, photocopy machines and scanners, to do this process, and later create a new image using photoshop. 
The result is abstract and confusing, where the use of colours is related to those seen in war. It creates a visual story with an open message, where it explored themes like the transformation of the soldier into an object, the death of morals, fear, the refugees and rendition. 
This project started to represent my indignation and fear of the Ukraine War and what it means to the world. And to remember that what happened can happen to anyone. Let us find peace. 

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