Jesus is an Andalusian artist who while studying a nurse degree in Madrid discovered his love for art making.
After finishing his degree, Jesus moved to the UK looking for adventures and ended up studying a Master's at the Royal College of Art. 
His practice is based on life experiences, his work as a nurse being the main inspiration. 
His work search for colour and abstraction, aiming to create a contemplative space, a window to meditation, where to allow the viewer to find their own meaning.
He has been selected as Dior Laureate at LUMA Arles, for his project Lost Memoirs, an abstract conversation about his patients with dementia.

2011-2014 Nurse degree in Madrid, Spain.
2015 Master on Emergencies
2016 Master of pharmacology 
2016 Introduction to the dark room, Stills, Edinburgh, UK.
2017-2020 BA on Photography at Edinburgh, UK.
2020-2022 MA in Photography at Royal College of Art, London, UK.

2019 AOP students Awards - Finalist
2019 COCA Project Awards - Selected
2020 British Photography Awards - Finalist
2020 LensCulture Open Awards - Gallery selected
2020 AOP students Awards - Finalist
2022 Dior Awards Young Talents - Laureate
2022 OD Photo Prize -Longlisted

2018 Greek Film Festival Photography Exhibition, Edinburgh, UK.
2019 Out of the Blue Photography Exhibition, Edinburgh, UK.
2019 AOP Awards, Finalists Exhibition, London, UK.
2020 Out of the Blue Photography Exhibition, Edinburgh, UK.
2020 AOP Awards, Finalists Exhibition, London, UK.
2020 Future Proof, Street Level PhotoWork, Glasgow, UK.
2021 The 3rd Floor, London, UK.
2022 Royal College of Art Final Year Show, RCA, London, UK.
2022 Young Talent Dior at Arles Photo Festival, LUMA, Arles, France.
2022 After the Waiting Room, Copeland Gallery, London, UK.
2023 Meet You Festival, Calderón Theatre, Valladolid, Spain.
2023 Darmstadt Photo Festival, Darmstadt, Germany.
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