I was born in Andalusia, where I learned the beauty of nature and the tranquillity of life.
I moved to Madrid, where I studied for my nurse degree, and self-taught painting, poetry and writing.
I ended up in the UK, working as a nurse, in the quest for new adventures.
And I had them.
I studied photography in Edinburgh while working in a dementia unit. This was such a good time. I learned how to make an image, and at the same time appreciate life.
My best school has been my work. When you are surrounded by the afflicted and the wounded, you realized how lucky you are.
When Covid came my life stopped. My art was on hold. My patients and my colleagues were all I had. It was the hardest time of my life.
When I could finally relax last summer, I fell into a depression, like many others. Too much stress for too long without the chance to stop.
My work this year has been about healing and recovering.
I have done paintings with my diaries, to understand what happened during the pandemic.
I have recomposed all the images I did, as I felt them broken after avoiding looking at them for two years.
When everything was finally good, I had a fire at home. I lost all my negatives, my frames, and a great part of my work. It was hard, very hard. But I was alive.
But you know what? I feel happy again. I feel myself.
Life is a miracle. Every day is a gift. Of course, we suffer from time to time, but how wonderful can it be.
When you go through the pain you understand what is important. I have developed an art that makes me happy, I have a beautiful family, I have real friends that care for me, I am such a lucky person that to complain would be a mistake.
My art tries to show that. I want to create a universal experience where we can all find something. I want to talk about depression, dementia and everyday difficulties, so other people can feel they are not alone in this.
I am so grateful for everything that ever happened to me because it helped me to become the person I am. And that is all that matter.

2011-2014 Nurse degree in Madrid, Spain.
2015 Master on Emergencies
2016 Master on pharmacology 
2017-2020 BA on Photography at Edinburgh, UK.
2020-2022 MA on Photography at Royal College of Art, London, UK.

AOP students Awards 2019- Finalist
COCA Project Awards 2019- Selected
British Photography Awards 2020- Finalist
Lensculture Open Awards 2020- Gallery selected
AOP students Awards 2020- Finalist
Dior Awards Young Talents 2022- Laureate (awaiting ceremony in July) 

2018 Greek Film Festival Photography Exhibition, Edinburgh, UK.
2019 Out of the Blue Photography Exhibition, Edinburgh, UK.
2019 AOP Awards, Finalists Exhibition, London, UK.
2020 Out of the Blue Photography Exhibition, Edinburgh, UK.
2020 Future Proof, Street Level Photowork, Glasgow, UK.
2021 The 3rd Floor, London, UK.
2022 Royal College of Art Final Year Show, London, UK
2022 Young Talent Dior at Arles Photo Festival, Arles, France

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